Work/Life Balance

Work and life in balance! Dynamics in which you might find yourself trapped in:

  • Overwhelming leadership responsibilities, constant dynamics of growth and rationalization processes.
  • Economic success, flat hierarchies, to confront conlicts and solve them, Change as a permanent issue, „right“ attitude and strategies to develop. To enable your employees to tap their full potential and to take on more responsibilities. Delegation, but to whom, where?
  • As you can see the areas of conflict and burdens are constantly increasing.
  • You have less and less time for yourself, your relationship, your family and your hobbies. Your timetable reigns your life. You reach your limits.

You would like to steer your life- and professional planning independently and take an initative.
Indulge yourself and your soul in a dreamlike and silent environment and commence the revitalization process of your future work-life balance planning.
Use nature as a learning field for a concious perception. To relax, develop and re-conquer: re-vitalize your inner and outer strength in three days.


I. To identify patterns and fields of tension
reflection of the actual state

  • Where am I in life?
  • Identify possible fields of tension and work on solutions
  • Which are the conflicts in your professional life and how can you work on them?

The way to increased personal and professional success.

  • Where do I want to be?
  • To create visions for private and professional life.
  • To open up new sources of strength
  • Expand your selfsteering abilities
  • Planning: Development and implementation of solution strategies

II. Use of professional know-how among the group.

III. Sources of power supporting your process

  • Relaxation exercises: Cranio-sacral. yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, grounding, alimentary and lifestyle consulting: the 4 pillars of alimentation, oxydative stress analysis, daily invidual sport therapy.

IV. Teamcoaching

(in case you wish to come with your team)

  • Enhancement of personal creativity and improvement of team based working skills.
  • Core based development
  • Strengthening of individual and collective team spirit
  • Identification of fields of tension and solution possibilities
  • Combine inner needs with needs of the group
  • Outdoor training


Accomodation in a double room, including breakfast and snacks at lunch.

Flights and car rentals are not included. We are happy to help you.

Price: 1895 € + VAT per person.
Max. number of participants: 8 to 10
Location: Balearic islands – Spain (Hacienda „Es Puich“)

Dipl. Psych. Norbert Adam
Dr. Hale Kapkin
Tel: 030 - 321 54 17
Fax: 030 - 32602722
You will have worked on invidual solution possibilities and go back home having the necessary tools in your luggage with you.